About Us

At Round The Block, we believe everyone deserves to use their Digital Currency in as many ways as possible. When we started using Digital Currency we found it difficult to spend it at major retailers and use it to pay for our lifestyle.

We knew we had to find a way to change the marketplace and push Digital Currency into a space where it's easy to use anywhere, skip ahead and here we are.

While we're far from achieving our goal of "anywhere", we're certainly a lot closer by allowing you to exchange your Digital Currency for our e-gift card and use that gift card at a range of major retailers across Australia. We also allow you to pay bills/credit card/bank account using your Digital Currency and feel like we're only a few steps away from allowing you to use Digital Currency anywhere you like across Australia in due course. 

The more you support us, the more we can give back to our users. For more info on how to maximise our service take a look at our Status Page.

For more information head to our FAQ's page.

To contact us please email contact@roundtheblock.com.au